Health and Sport Technologies Ltd was founded by Peter Larkin in 2010. He began researching the benefits of recording and monitoring training for athletes in 2006 and initially produced hard copy sports specific diaries. It became evident that there is a strong connection to psychology in the monitoring process. Through focusing and recording a specific moment when an athlete is ‘in the zone’ the mental, physical and emotional triggers that help the athlete reach that optimum level of concentration and success can be studied and analysed to help prolong and extend peak performance periods.

Through previous knowledge and ongoing research with technical expertise from prominent sports experts, HST have developed a system which allows an athlete to collect and collate key information across four different areas: psychological, physical, technical and emotional encompassing health indicators, training, tests, injury and rehabilitation, competitions and nutrition. These in turn are integrated with goal setting to provide a platform for the athlete to develop and strive to become the best that he/she can be. In depth statistical analysis can be applied against high quality historical data and the potential to predict outcomes and peak performances can be greatly enhanced.

The system encompasses 3 main areas:

  • Data Collation and Management
  • Social Networking (through inbuilt social network and messaging system)
  • Predictive Analysis

An analytics program has the highest probability of success when all parties involved have an understanding of the potential possibilities and value of such sport analytics. Tying the analytics into the data collection process allows us to control the data quality by providing consistency across the data input collection to ensure higher quality which in turn leads to better predictions.

Data analysis of key sports data has the potential to become a valuable and unique tool to aid decision makers and enhance the decision making process. Predictive models are a key component of every effective sports analytics program because these models translate raw data into useful analytical information.


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