Our system accumulates large volumes of data about an athlete as they record training, competition, tests, nutrition and health and wellness. It then uses sophisticated quantitative methods to derive insights from this data, and assists coaches in drawing on those insights to shape decisions and, ultimately, improve performance. Instead of looking backward to analyse “What happened?”, predictive analytics help coaches and athletes to answer the questions, “What’s next?” and “What should we do about it?”.

This is data that can win championships.

— Dean Oliver, director of Publication Analytics at ESPN

Data within the system is subject to a well-specified and rigorous dictionary ensuring its quality in later analysis without the need for extensive (and expensive) data-cleansing before use.

Make the right decisions thanks to our unique data collection methods and proprietary analytical algorithms.

Analyzing quality data using our statistical algorithms and data mining process will help uncover unknown patterns, opportunities and knowledge that in turn can optimize proactive decision making within an Association and on a team or individual basis.



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