Our Clients

As a technology company that monitors athletes and teams internationally, we have a strong commitment to trust and confidentiality to our clients. Metrifit takes this commitment seriously, and we do not always disclose who we work with on an individual or team basis globally. Our clients range from Universities, High Schools, Clubs, individual athletes and Associations across various sports. Our versatility to work with a wide variety of sports and our commitment to strive to be the best is an integral part of our success. You can check out what some of our clients are saying about us and Metrifit on our testimonials page.


Our Partners

Metrifit understands the importance of key strategic alliances and partners with proven leaders. We know that growth is achieved through exposure and knowledge-sharing and that outstanding work is often the result of great synergy. As such, our partners help us achieve our objectives and maintain our place as a leading sports performance provider globally. Our symbiotic relationship ensures that it is a winning partnership for all, but most importantly for our customers.

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