Our unique player monitoring system allows teams to record key indicators tracking their performance clock and performance pathway across all development phases. Metrifit lends itself to the 10,000 hours model of deliberate practice over the development phase.

Metrifit is suitable for use in Universities, Colleges, Academies, Scholarship Programs, National Associations and clubs.

METRIFIT for Team Sports from metrifit

Our system is a magnificent management tool for Associations, Clubs and Academies and provides a central collection of data that is available in realtime.  Metrifit facilitates performance directors, coaches, and medical and other support staff as well as players across all levels.

Talent identification

Talent identification within different sports has been discussed over the years. By monitoring the underlying trends and patterns of the athlete, Metrifit collects, collates and analyses this data across four different areas – psychological, physical, technical, social and emotional. By encompassing key readiness to train indicators, training, tests, matches, nutrition, injury and rehabilitation, Metrifit naturally lends itself to prepare athletes to perform and to develop a player passport of their career.


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