Metrifit provides a perfect platform for athlete monitoring and development and collects data over multiple modules ensuring that all aspects of the athlete are taken into consideration. Our ethos is ‘simple but effective’ and our product is parameter driven and easily customisable and configurable for different clients as required. Metrifit is ‘athlete-centric’ helping to develop self-awareness, encourage creative thinking and emotional intelligence as well as developing ownership and responsibility within the athlete for their own success.


METRIFIT Functionality Overview from metrifit

Monitoring development and progress is an important element for the athlete in developing self-awareness and getting that competitive edge. What preparation results in the best performance? This simple question doesn’t have a simple answer. Physical, Technical, Psychological and Social & Emotional elements all come into play and a careful balance between all elements is required to achieve that ‘flow’. Optimal Performance equals optimal training & optimal recovery. Metrifit enables coaches to monitor all aspects of a player’s preparation through an easy to use dashboard and reporting suite which improves efficiency and reduces workload so the coach can spend more time coaching rather than trying to collate information from multiple sources.

Some of metrifit’s key features include the following:-

  • Health and Wellbeing daily questionnaire
  • Readiness to Train/Perform Score
  • Training/Activities
  • Competition/Matches
  • Nutrition
  • Tests (i.e. Anthropometric, Speed, Strength, Endurance type tests)
  • Life Style Events
  • Alerts & Notification system
  • Email/Athletes Lounge/Forum
  • Injury, Illness and Rehab Monitoring
  • Portal for Effective Communication/Video/File Storage
  • Feedback Mechanisms/Tactics Boards
  • Goal Settings/Reviews/Coach Athlete comparison assessments
  • PC and Mobile Versions
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • In house Research and Predictive Modelling

The Metrifit monitoring system:

  • is cost effective
  • is intuitive and easy to use
  • is effective for both athlete and coach as well as other support staff
  • collates relevant data – key data must be collated across whole holistic view of the athlete – Physical, Technical, Psychological and Social & Emotional
  • provides a portal for effective feedback and communication
  • provides a simple but effective dashboard as well as a number of key reports to provide an overall holistic picture of each athlete/player
  • helps develop self-awareness, focus, balance leading to competitive edge
  • is the starting point for looking at trends and patterns and deviations from norms over time which can provide invaluable insight for both athlete and coach

When data is collated and centralized in the one hub, coaches can view effective in-depth reports letting them visualize the readiness to train and training loads of their team. This information is key for any athlete or coach and results in:-

  • Measure, Understand, Control, ImproveSmarter decisions
  • Actionable goals
  • Improved communication and goals
  • Training overload and prevention
  • Readiness to train calculation
  • Improved efficiency and cost savings
  • Athlete passport

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